Get In The Zone With These Awesome 500-Piece Puzzles

No Need To Be As Smart As Tony Stark To Do These Puzzles, Star Lord Level Intelligence is Just Fine!

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By Jason

Ok, we apologize for starting this 500-piece jigsaw puzzle list by poking fun at Peter Quill! We here at Geek's Oasis love Star Lord and would welcome him around here anytime for a good old-fashioned dance-off!

Star Lord a.k.a. Peter Quill is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Anyway, we feel that 500 pieces is a great amount for a jigsaw puzzle - it is challenging, but not at the expense of it being too difficult for most folks to put together.

It is easy to think of these awesome jigsaw puzzles as being just all about having fun. However, these are also a great way to relax, clear your mind and also work those fine motor skills.

We've been working hard to find the coolest products for you that will make your life easier and more fun. Each product has been independently selected by our editors. Geek's Oasis may collect a share of sales from the links on this page if you decide to buy something - that's how we stay in business. Clicking the links will not add any cost to you. Hope you enjoy this post!

Picking The Right Puzzle For You

We made a real effort to pick jigsaw puzzles that we ourselves would want to do. So first of all, the puzzles have to be cool, and although we do love nature, you'll see more lightsabers and superheroes than flowers on our list. We've also made sure that other people like them too, and not just us here at the Geek's Oasis office.

Buffalo Games Star Wars Vader at Hoth 500 Pieces

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Why We At Geek's Oasis Love It

This Star Wars Vader at Hoth puzzle is just awesome. The incredible art that is on this is what really makes it one of the best Star Wars puzzles and one of the coolest ones on our 500-piece puzzle list!

On the top, we have Vader being accompanied by two Snow Troopers and then underneath we have an epic scene from The Battle of Hoth which is one of the most iconic scenes from the whole Star Wars saga. It even contains a poster that also showcases this incredible image which is a very nice bonus!

Good To Know

  • Size: 21.25 x 15 inches
  • Recommended Age: 14 years and up
  • Includes a bonus poster to help in solving

New York Puzzle Company Harry Potter Book Cover Collage 500 Pieces

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Why We At Geek's Oasis Love It

What we have here with this Harry Potter Book Cover Collage is a very magical kind of puzzle, a very spellbinding kind of puzzle, a very…. We cannot think of any more terrible magic puns for you.

Anyway, this is a fantastic puzzle. What will make Harry Potter fans love this is that it is actually based on the books, not the movies. It features the original cover art for all nine books in the Harry Potter saga and you may even become a wizard when you put in that final piece!

Good To Know

  • Finished Size: 24 x 18 inches
  • Recommended Age: 14 years and up

Aquarius DC Comics 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles - Set of 3 Puzzles

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Why We At Geek's Oasis Love It

We just had to put this DC Comics 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles - Set of 3 on our epic selection of 500-piece puzzles list. This one features the first issues of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman comic books.

If you love the characters from the world of DC this is perfect for you. Instead of just one puzzle, you get three 500 piece puzzles in one box, do not worry all the pieces are not just thrown in there, each puzzle is individually bagged.

Good To Know

  • Size Of One Puzzle: 14 x 19 inches
  • Recommended Age: 14 years and up

AQUARIUS Marvel Avengers 500 Pieces

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Why We At Geek's Oasis Love It

Ok, so there is no shortage of Marvel 500 piece puzzles, heck we could have had a whole list dedicated to Marvel puzzles, which we may just do at a later date.

Anyway, we knew we had to have a cool Marvel jigsaw puzzle on this list and we all loved this AQUARIUS Marvel Avengers in the Geek's Oasis office.

We went for this one because it is based on an old-school comic book cover, rather than something from the MCU. This would really look fantastic in a frame and hung on your wall once it is done.

Good To Know

  • Finished Size: 14 x 19 inches
  • Recommended Age: 14 years and up

Buffalo Games Star Wars The Mandalorian Hello Friend 500 Pieces

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Why We At Geek's Oasis Love It

The amount of Star Wars puzzles that feature Grogu is crazy, but we feel this Star Wars The Mandalorian Hello Friend deserved some special attention.

How can you look at this and not smile? It features little Grogu hanging off the leg of The Mandalorian and he looks so adorable. If you are someone that loves The Mandalorian, especially Grogu, you are going to think this is the greatest puzzle ever!

Good To Know

  • Finished Size: 21.25 x 15 inches
  • Recommended Age: 14 years and up

Clementoni Batman 500 Pieces

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Why We At Geek's Oasis Love It

Ok, so we have already had The Dark Knight swing in on a grappling hook earlier on our best 500-piece puzzle list. However, we felt that this Clementoni Batman was so cool we had to include it.

The puzzle is an awesome image of Batman on a dark and rainy night looking like he rules the whole world. The image is so vivid that you can almost hear the rain when looking at it.

Good To Know

  • Finished Size: 19 x 14 inches
  • Recommended Age: 10 years and up

FAQ About 500 Piece Puzzles

We feel that some of you may have a few questions about 500-piece puzzles and hopefully, this FAQ section will help you out and make it easier for you to pick that perfect puzzle for you.

Why Are So Many Puzzles 500-Piece Puzzles?

If you look at some online stores, you will notice that 500 puzzle pieces seem to be the go-to these days. The reason for this is that 500 pieces are going to pose a pretty decent challenge, but at the same time it is far less daunting or scary than a 1000-piece or a 3000-piece puzzle.

It’s Dangerous To Puzzle Alone, Take This!

Ok, so our Zelda reference may be a bit odd, but one thing that people hardly ever think about when it comes to jigsaw puzzles is that they can be a social activity. 

No matter if you are doing this with friends or with family, jigsaw puzzles are a fun way for you to spend some relaxing time together. While it can be fun to do on your own, think about getting a cool puzzle if you are looking for something fun to do with someone special to you.

How Long Does It Take To Assemble a 500-Piece Puzzle?

It can take a few hours to complete a 500-piece puzzle, but it really depends on the skill level of the person and the difficulty of the puzzle.

What's The Best Way To Start a Jigsaw Puzzle?

The best way to start is by spreading out all of the pieces on a flat surface and organizing pieces into piles with the same color or some pattern. 

Next, begin piecing together the outside edges of the puzzle first. This will help you create a "framework" for the rest of the puzzle and it will help you get a sense of the puzzle's size and shape,

As you put together more and more of the outside edge, you can start filling in some of the interior pieces as well.

Are These 500-Piece Puzzles Only For Kids?

A 500-piece puzzle is actually quite a challenge and just because they don't say it's for adults, does not mean that they are only for kids. A cool puzzle is a cool puzzle no matter what the age rating is on the box.

What To Do With The Puzzle Once Finished?

It sounds a bit harsh to just break the puzzle and put it back into the box, but sometimes you need to do that. If the puzzle is especially cool like a Star Wars puzzle, why not frame it and hang it on the wall? 

Check out our puzzle frames guide to get a proper frame for your masterpiece.

One Last Bit Of Wisdom From The Geek's Oasis Wisdom Tree

We hope you have had some fun checking out these cool 500-piece puzzles we have picked for you. In our opinion, when it comes to jigsaw puzzles it is all about the subject matter.

If you buy someone or yourself a jigsaw puzzle that is something like a deckchair on the beach, that puzzle is sitting in the cupboard for the next ten years! However, if you get a puzzle that is based on something you love, Star Wars, Marvel, Nintendo, or whatever, you will be much more into it and have a lot more fun putting it together.

The point we are trying to make is that you may think you are not a “puzzle guy or gal” however, it could be that you have not found the right puzzle for you!

Happy puzzling our friends!

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