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Embrace the symbiote and find the best Carnage action figure

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By Jason

We are embracing our psychotic side today as we try to find the best Carnage action figure! It is crazy to think that as we write this Carnage has turned 31 years old! Venom was awesome and then when Marvel added Carnage and the other symbiotes, this whole arc, and these characters became firm fan favorites.

Carnage even got a starring role in the movie, Venom: Let There Be Carnage… although there are some people in the Geek’s Oasis office who have strong opinions about these Venom movies without Spider-Man.

Anyway, back on topic, with Carnage being so popular, and as we had fun with our Green Goblin figure guide, we wanted to look at another badass Marvel villain in Carnage!

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Did We Have To Bond With The Symbiote To Make This List?

Thankfully, we did not! We decided to try and do something a little different with this Carnage action figure guide. Yes, Marvel Legends will make an appearance on our list today.

However, we decided to try and have a lot of variety as Carnage is such an interesting character, it is cool to see the way different companies bring him to life in plastic form.

Marvel Legends Carnage

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

The first Carnage action figure we are looking at is this awesome Marvel Legends figure from the special Venom set. This comes with such a badass-looking Carnage figure! He has a hand that is an axe, a hand with claws, and a set of regular hands too.

The best thing about this is that as well as a Carnage head, you also get a Cletus Kassidy head too so you can have a lot of fun displaying this. This is part of the Monster Venom build a figure wave and it comes with his head!

Good To Know

  • Scale: 6 inch
  • Series: Marvel Legends: Monster Venom Wave
  • This is one of the few Marvel Legends figures that the build-a-figure part does not ruin the in-box presentation!

Funko Pop Absolute Carnage

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

If you checked out our Stranger Things action figure guide, you know we love Funko Pops! This Absolute Carnage Funko Pop is epic! It has a very sinister-looking Carnage figure, but he is standing on some tombstones and a bunch of skulls.

That right there is cool, but when you take a closer look at the tombstones you see the names, Logan, Brock, Parker, and Rodgers on there which is so freaking cool that this may be one of the best and most underrated Marvel Funko Pops of all time!

The design of this Funko Pop is based on the awesome cover for Absolute Carnage issue 1.

Good To Know

  • Scale: 4 inch
  • Series: Funko Pop Deluxe Marvel (673)
  • This is part of the Deluxe Series from Funko and that is why it has such a cool-looking base.

Diamond Select Carnage Diorama

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

While you may think that including this on our Carnage action figure list is a bit dubious as it is more of a statue, we still felt that it was very fitting as it is so cool.

Diamond Select does a whole line of these Marvel dioramas and this one is extra special. It features Carnage on a rock ready to pounce and whoever he is about to pounce on is in real trouble as he has that classic axe of his ready.

The way the red and black pops on this figure would make this such a great addition to any Marvel figure collection. Just do not be shocked if your other action figures get scared of this!

Good To Know

  • Scale: 9 inches
  • Series: Diamond Select Marvel Dioramas
  • If you want a figure that perfectly captures the sadistic and dangerous side of Carnage, look no further than this!

Marvel Toybox Carnage

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

How fun is the Disney Toybox line from Disney themselves? We are sure at first glance that shade of red and black may make some think that they are looking at a Deadpool action figure.

However, a closer look lets you see all of the sharp and dangerous accessories you can clip onto Carnage. This is such a fun figure and it is a figure that we feel looks awesome lose with all his accessories on him or even in the package as the packaging has a lot of personality too.

The Disney Toybox line probably would never have been a thing if it were not for the Disney Infinity video games. They have a more animated look to them and while they started with characters that were in the game, Disney moved onto new characters that were not in the games like Carnage here which is neat.

Good To Know

  • Scale: 5 inch
  • Series: Marvel Toybox (27)
  • The Toybox range also has a cool Venom and Spider-Man that would look fantastic on display next to this Carnage action figure!

Spider-Man Miles Morales vs Carnage 2-Pack

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

We already have looked at the best Miles Morales action figures before, but we felt this one from the Hasbro Marvel Legends series had to be on our Carnage action figures list as well. We love how these are more “toys” as it gives them a kind of 90s vibe which we love.

As well as the Carnage and Spider-Man: Miles Morales figure, you get a cannon that can actually shoot too which is a lot of fun.

Now, this does come in plastic-free packaging so it is a set you will have to take out of the box. However, these are so much fun that we are sure Marvel fans will love how they look on their shelf.

Good To Know

  • Scale: 6 inch
  • Series: Hasbro Marvel Spider-Man
  • These figures look like they come straight from the Disney-made Marvel Spider-Man animated series which makes them even more fun.
  • These Marvel Spider-Man battle "vs" packs action figure 2-packs include an iconic hero and villain in each of them (each sold separately, subject to availability)

S.H. Figuarts Venom Let There Be Carnage: Carnage

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

We know that they are expensive, but the Marvel range from S.H. Figuarts is truly spectacular. This premium design Carnage action figure is based on his look from the movie, Venom: Let There Be Carnage and he looks amazing.

He has four tentacles, each with a dangerous and sharp weapon coming from his body and the incredible articulation lets you get really creative with how you display him. S.H. Figures also make amazing Venom additional figures that goes with this symbiote Carnage.

Good To Know

  • Scale: 7.5 inches
  • Series: S.H. Figuarts Venom: Let There Be Carnage
  • As well as this movie, S.H. Figuarts also make figures based on many MCU movies as well which also look great!

Diamond Select Toys Carnage

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

As well as making incredible diorama-style figures, Diamond Select also makes incredibly detailed action figures based on Marvel characters too. This Carnage action figure is based on his iconic comic book look.

He has a ton of articulation and some fun accessories so you can pose him with regular hands or with his weaponized hands! A really neat thing about this is that you get a Carnage head, but you also get a head that shows Cletus Kassidy’s crazy face as well.

This is a very premium detail figure and one that is great if you want an action figure that has a bit more of a premium look to it.

Good To Know

  • Scale: 7.5 inches
  • Series: Diamon Select Marvel
  • As you would expect, Diamon Select also makes very cool Spider-Man and Venom action figures to go with Carnage!

Funko Pop Venom Let There Be Carnage: Carnage

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

We have another Funko Pop for you, this time it is based on Carnage from the way he looked in the Venom movie. What we love about this is that it looks like Cletus Kassidy is just turning into Carnage as part of his head is still human.

It makes for a very eye-catching Funko Pop that really will stand out in your Marvel collection. We love this as it shows that Kassidy and the symbiote really are one and about to go on a rampage and cause a whole lot of “carnage”… sorry for that terrible pun!

Good To Know

  • Scale: 4 inch
  • Series: Funko Pop Marvel: Venom (367)
  • If you want a Funko Pop that shows Cletus Kassidy mid-transformation, it does not get much better than this!

FAQs About Carnage Action Figures

If you have already bonded with the symbiote and realized you made a mistake and need help, fire, and high-pitched sounds are the key! However, we also have a little help for you if you want some advice on finding the best Carnage action figure.

Why so few Marvel Legends?

Carnage has appeared in a few different waves of Marvel Legends, but his figures tend to be very popular and end up selling very well. This can mean that they are often hard to come by and quite expensive.

Even as we write this list, the Red Goblin Marvel Legends figure that was somewhat recently released is sold out in most places!

Classic or movie Carnage?

You may be torn when it comes to buying a Carnage action figure as there are so many good ones. One of the hardest things to decide can be if you should go for a comic book-based figure or one from Venom: Let There Be Carnage!

We suggest you go for the one you like the look of best. However, if you already have a superhero collection, look at your Spidey and Venom action figures and go for a Carnage figure that fits in with them best.

SIDE NOTE: Red Goblin is such a cool character, this is the melding of the Carnage symbiote with Norman Osborne which goes about as well as you probably imagine!

What Marvel action figures are available?

There is an extensive range of Marvel action figures featuring popular Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters such as Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Groot, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, and more.

Fans can also find a range of villainous characters like Ultron, Dormammu, Red Skull, Baron Mordo, and Klaw.

Different sizes and styles of figures are available - from classic comic book renditions to movie-accurate representations - giving fans the chance to recreate scenes from their favorite Marvel movies or create entirely new superhero adventures with the iconic characters.

What kind of Marvel merchandise is available?

There is a huge variety of Marvel merchandise available to fans, ranging from traditional items such as t-shirts and posters to stylish accessories like pins and jewelry. 

Marvel fans can also find plenty of collectibles such as action figures, Funko Pop figures, and Hot Toys figures that feature their favorite characters in an array of styles. 

Premium roleplay items like lightsabers, gauntlets, costumes, and wearable tech are also available for fans to bring the world of Marvel even closer to life.

What is the recommended age for these figures?

As many action figure sets come with small parts like accessories, please take into account they may present a choking hazard if small parts are accidentally swallowed. It's best to stick with figures designed especially for kids ages 3 and up.

A Little More Carnage Before You Go!

We feel that we have put forward an awesome selection of figures here. They are so good that we are sure that Cletus Kassidy may even let us live, well at least give us a sporting chance and give us a 10-second head start to run!

When it comes to adding a new Carnage action figure to your fan collections, we are sure there is one on our list today that is going to fit right in with your collection and be something you are very proud to have on display.

As always thanks for checking out our best Carnage action figure guide today and remember, stay away from any symbiotes that are slithering around, it never ends up good for those that bond with it!

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