Discover the Fun of Clementoni Puzzles!

Clementoni is well-known for its quality puzzles and toys, using top-of-the-line cardboard and paper stock which creates images with vibrant colors and sharp details.

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Puzzle lovers, rejoice! There’s a brand of puzzles that will delight and challenge you. It’s called Clementoni and it has been providing excellent quality puzzles since the 1960s.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing pastime or a way to challenge your brain, Clementoni jigsaw puzzles have something for everyone. Let’s take a closer look at this beloved puzzle brand.

History of Clementoni Puzzles

Clementoni began in Italy in the year 1963. The company started as a small business that produced board games and soon grew into one of the largest puzzle manufacturers in Europe.

Over the years, they have established themselves as one of the most reliable brands when it comes to quality materials, accurately cut pieces, and fun artwork.

High-Quality Pieces & Images

Clementoni is known for using top-of-the-line cardboard and paper stock, as well as beautiful printing technology that creates images with vibrant colors and sharp details.

Not only do these qualities make the finished puzzle look amazing, but they also ensure that the pieces fit together perfectly - so you won’t be frustrated when putting your jigsaw together!

Unique Features

Clementoni puzzles are unique because they use high-quality materials that ensure a good fit between pieces and excellent picture quality. They also use special die-cutting techniques which allow them to create more challenging pieces with intricate shapes and varied sizes without sacrificing accuracy or precision.

Their pieces are all made from recycled materials which is great for sustainability-conscious puzzlers!

Innovative Shapes & Styles

Clementoni puzzles come in different styles and shapes to suit all kinds of puzzlers. In addition to traditional rectangular designs, there are also round puzzles, 3D puzzles, and even extra-large pieces designed for younger kids or those who are visually impaired. The company is constantly innovating new ways to make its puzzles more accessible and enjoyable.

Clementoni offers a wide variety of products ranging from kids’ jigsaw puzzles to 3D puzzles for adults who love intricate designs and complex challenges.

They offer themed collections such as historical landmarks, animals, vintage cars, or beautiful nature scenes from around the world so there is something for everyone no matter what your interests are! Some of their products include a 1000-piece Game of Thrones puzzle, a 500-piece puzzle of Batman, and a panorama of Stranger Things.

Clementoni is more than just puzzles! In addition to its amazing jigsaw puzzle offerings, the company also manufactures and distributes a variety of other games and toys.

They produce board games that are designed for players of all ages, with some aimed at preschoolers and others for older kids and adults.

The company also produces a wide range of scientific toys that focus on teaching kids about different scientific principles. These include Super Chemistry Set, Mars Exploration, and The Slimy Laboratory and so many more!


Finally, Clementoni also produces educational toys that are designed to help young children learn and develop essential skills.

Educational Value

So, Clementoni isn’t just about having fun - their puzzles come with educational benefits too. Studies have shown that solving puzzles helps improve concentration and coordination skills, as well as problem-solving abilities - all essential skills for children's development. Their catalog includes a wide range of educational themes such as geography, history, science facts, famous artworks, and much more!


By offering such a wide range of products, Clementoni has become one of the most trusted and respected brands when it comes to quality educational games and toys. Whether you’re looking for puzzles, board games, scientific toys, or educational games – Clementoni has something for everyone!

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