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By Jason

Ok folks, grab your chimichangas, put on your slippers, grab your plush unicorn, and help us find the best Deadpool action figure around. Who doesn’t love Deadpool?

He has always been a favorite of comic book fans, but thanks to the live-action movies and his various appearances in animated shows like Ultimate Spider-Man for example. Deadpool has well and truly gone mainstream where kids and adults love him!

He also has to be one of the top brand characters when it comes to merch and that is certainly the case with the 1 billion Deadpool action figures that are out there we recently looked at the best Black Panther figures and we feel that there are even more Deadpool ones!

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Calling In A Merc For Some Help

How awesome would it be if we could call in Deadpool to help us track down the best Deadpool action figure? You just know he would have some hilarious stuff to say about each one.

Well, we couldn’t do that, but we did fire up Deadpool 2 and put on some red and black spandex (skin tight of course) so we could get in the right frame of mind to put this list of the best Deadpool action figures together.

In all seriousness, these are figures that we have in our own collections so we firmly believe they should be on this list!

Marvel Legends Deadpool & Negasonic Teenage Warhead

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

The first Deadpool action figure we are looking at is actually a 2-pack! As well as a very cool screen-accurate Deadpool from Deadpool 2.

This also comes with a Negasonic Teenage Warhead figure too with a fantastic head scan that looks just like actress, Brianna Hildebrand.

You get a bunch of extra hands, Deadpool’s swords, and even a unicorn. We also love the packaging on this one as it looks like Deadpool has scribbled on it!

Good To Know

  • Scale: 6 inch
  • Series: Marvel Legends Series Deadpool 2
  • As of writing, this is the only way to get this version of Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Marvel Legends Deadpool (Comic Book)

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

There is no shortage of Deadpool action figures in the Marvel Legends line, but this is one of the best! Since his debut in the 90s, Deadpool has had his signature look and that is captured very well here.

While you get a very badass Deadpool figure here to shop. It is the awesome amount of accessories that make this such a classic Deadpool action figure. He is packed with a bunch of weapons, a chimichanga, and even an alternate head so you can pose him unmasked if you like.

While we know and love Deadpool as a wisecracking antihero these days. Back in 1990 when he made his debut, he was more of a straight-up supervillain!

Good To Know

  • Scale: 6 inch
  • Series: Marvel Legends X-Men Juggernaut Wave
  • The crazy amount of accessories this comes with gives you lots of options for displaying this!

Funko Pop Deadpool as Bob Ross

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

Deadpool has a ton of Funko Pops and there was no way we were going to have a list of Deadpool action figures (even if this is technically not an action figure) and not have Deadpool as Bob Ross on here. This is something that actually happened before Deadpool 2 was released.

This is not just one of the best Deadpool Funko Pop figures, we would argue with anyone that this is one of the best Funko Pop figures in general. We here at Geek’s Oasis read a lot of Deadpool so you know that we are good at arguing!

Good To Know

  • Scale: 4 inches (standard POP size)
  • Series: Funko Pop Marvel (319)
  • Comes with a plastic protector box so that collectors can store these safely
  • It is Deadpool as Bob Ross! How can you not find that awesome?

Marvel Legends Deadpool & Hit Monkey

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

We love a good 2-pack here at Geek’s Oasis and we have another one here for you. Where to start with this one?

Well, you get both Deadpool and Hit-Monkey in this set and we just love the way that they are all decked out in white, the blood splatter once they are done will look even better!

While the action figures are incredible, this pack is stacked with extras. Tons of weapons, multiple heads, and tons of other fun accessories make this one of the most action-packed sets in the Marvel world!

Good To Know

  • Scale: 6 inch
  • Series: Marvel Legends Deadpool Series
  • When you look at the price, this is one of the best deals on this entire list

Marvel Legends Pirate Deadpool

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

Ahoy matey, we be on the hunt for chimichangas and lots of booty! This is a great example of how fun collecting Deadpool action figures can be. This here is Pirate Deadpool and here at Geek’s Oasis we find this freaking hilarious.

This one is rocking a pirate hat, some pirate clothing, and even some pirate weapons. He looks like he could be on his way to a Captain Hook convention! This is such a fun figure and great if you already have a Deadpool action figure and want another that is a bit “out there” to go with it.

Good To Know

  • Scale: 6 inch
  • Series: Marvel Legends Deadpool Strong Guy Wave
  • Pirate Deadpool is one of the more “iconic” and well-known versions of Deadpool.

Marvel Legends Deadpool 2 Deadpool

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

If you specifically want a Deadpool action figure that is based on the movies, this one here from the Marvel Legends series is just what you have been looking for. We love the more dialed-back colors used here for the suit as it sets it apart from the comic book figures that are out there.

He comes with guns, swords, and a few sets of hands too. We also love the packaging for this one and feel this is one figure that looks just as good in the package as it does when you have it in a dynamic pose.

Good To Know

  • Scale: 6 inch
  • Series: Marvel Legends Deadpool 2
  • We highly recommend this figure if you want one specifically based on the Deadpool live-action movies.

Marvel Legends Deadpool Rainbow Party 5-Pack

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

One of the more fun Deadpool action figure sets out there is this awesome 5-pack. With this set you of course get Deadpool, but you also get Solo, Terror, Slapstick, and Foolkiller.

It is such a cool set and for diehard Deadpool fans, this is possibly one of the most epic sets in the entire Marvel Legends series! Each figure has its own weapons and these are also smaller, GI Joe-sized figures which is fun.

The way that the figures are posed in the box is also really cool, making this a set that would be great for mint-on-card and loose collectors alike!

Good To Know

  • Scale: 3 ¾ inch
  • Series: Marvel Legends Deadpool
  • We love the smaller scale of these, it makes this a truly unique set in the Marvel Legends series.

Marvel Legends Deadpool (90s)

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

Next up we have this very cool 90s-themed Deadpool action figure to play with and display. We actually love this whole Deadpool-themed wave. This one is rocking a very bright and vibrant (inspired by 90s style) suit that will make this really pop in your collection.

We also love the way the figure is posed in the packaging with his swords right next to his hands. If you want a more comic book-looking Deadpool figure, this is honestly one of the best that you can get and we would advise you get it before the price gets too out of hand!

It is worth noting that this wave has one of the best comic book Cable figures that Hasbro has made in the entire Marvel Legends line!

Good To Know

  • Scale: 6 inch
  • Series: Marvel Legends Deadpool Sasquatch Wave
  • For you Deadpool comic book fans, this is a figure you need in your collection more than Deadpool needs a chimichanga after a successful mission.

FAQs About Deadpool Action Figures

Need just a little bit more help finding the best Deadpool action figure or putting yourself together after the Juggernaut has ripped you apart? Well, you have come to the right place…. For the action figure stuff, you are on your own if you have made the Juggernaut mad!

Why is Deadpool more affordable than other Marvel Legends?

We have looked at Green Goblin action figures and other Marvel characters that have various Marvel Legends (Wolverine, Spider-Man, Ironman...) and we always talk about how expensive some of them can be.

However, Deadpool (while he does have some pricey figures) is a character that Hasbro has made so many of, his figures tend to be a bit more affordable, even some of his older releases. Still, we would not suggest sleeping on any that you feel you want to add to your collection.

Why so many weird Deadpool figures?

One of the best things about Deadpool is that you could have a Deadpool action figure collection as he has so many crazy action figures.

Deadpool is perhaps the craziest of all the Marvel characters and has had all kinds of fun costumes and appearances over the years and many of these thanks to companies like Hasbro and Funko have been recreated in plastic form.

While a standard Deadpool figure is cool, we feel there is always room for one of his weirder incarnations too!

Are these Deadpool action figures for small kids?

Actually no, they are not recommended for small children due to the potential choking hazard and small parts.

One Last Chimichanga For The Road

Look, as long as there are superhero action figures, Deadpool action figures are going to be made regularly. He is such a popular character, he is ”toyetic” as hell with all his crazy costumes.

Toyetic is a term that became mainstream thanks to The Toys That Made Us on Netflix. It is basically about something that would be perfect to be turned into a toy. A cartoon, TV show, movie, or whatever that features characters, vehicles, and so on, or a specific character that may be bright, has a fun costume, cool accessories, and other such stuff. When something is “toyetic” it basically means that it would be perfect to be turned into a toy!

Heck, even his standard red and black costume is something that is very eye-catching on a shelf. No matter what kind of comic book or movie collection you have we feel that at least one Deadpool action figure needs to be in that.

The thing is, do not be surprised if once you add one, it multiplies as he has so many cool action figures and looks that it is hard to stop at just one!

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