Fidget With A Purpose Thanks To These Fun Fidget Puzzles

A fidget is a fun way to keep your mind active and your hands busy!

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By Jason

“A fidget puzzle?” that is what you may be saying to your screen right now, but hear us out! You see, while the whole fidget spinner/cube thing took over schools all over the world for a couple of years, it has been proven that these fidget puzzles can be a fantastic way to help someone relax, de-stress and get into a calmer headspace.

These are not for kids…. Ok, well they are for kids and grownups, but these puzzles are actually something that is great no matter if you are 6 or 66. Or even 666 as there are a few of us in the Geek’s Oasis office that think some of these fidget puzzles look like the box from Hellraiser!

We have looked at similar types of puzzles that we feel are in the same “area” as these before, most recently when we looked at metal puzzles. However, we felt that these needed a spotlight shining on them all themselves and that is what has brought us and you right here!

Well, we hope that is what brought you here and not just some accidental clicking on your computer!

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Fidgeting Around To Make This List

Trying to figure out which was the best fidget puzzle was no easy task. Just one look at any online retailer that sells puzzles will show you that fidget toys are sold by the truckload and many of them appear to be very similar!

The way we decided to put this list together was first of all any that we have had a positive experience with, made this list. However, we did also look at customer reviews to see which ones had the best reputation online.

Speks Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

First up we have this very cool Speks Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere which we feel is in the running for the best fidget puzzle! These magic magnets let you pull and put back together this sphere and the trick is that it is completely up to you how you organize them.

Sure you could organize them into a certain kind of shape and that is fun. However, this is a fantastic way to keep your mind busy and your hands moving! This is very, very popular and has several thousand positive reviews online!

Good To Know

  • Recommended age: 14 years and up
  • This is available in many different colors
  • There is something very addictive and soothing about the way the pieces snap together
  • Small pieces choking hazard

R.Y.TOYS Rotate and Slide Puzzle Cylinder

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

We thought that this R.Y.TOYS Rotate and Slide Puzzle Cylinder was cool and one person in the Geek’s Oasis office commented that it looked like the key from the Masters of the Universe live-action movie!

The 1980s Masters of the Universe live-action movie is well known for Dolph Lundgren playing He-Man. However, there was also a very early movie role for Friends star, Courtney Cox in this movie too!

As soon as that was said there was no way this thing was not a contestant to be the best fidget puzzle. Still, in its own right, this is cool!

The idea is that you have to slide and move the pieces around the cylinder to get all of the colors in the right space. It is the kind of thing that can either be relaxing if you just want to move the pieces around, or a real challenge if you want to get them all lined up correctly!

Good To Know

  • Recommended age: 6 and up
  • Non-toxic
  • The bright colors this has are very visually appealing
  • You can make this as relaxing or as challenging as you want it to be

SMALL FISH Rotate and Slide Fidget Puzzle

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

Another one that could be a contestant for the best fidget puzzle is this SMALL FISH Rotate and Slide Fidget Puzzle. This features 6 sets of three beads and each set of beads is a different color.

The way this makes your brain work is that you have to pop the beads and rotate the whole puzzle to try and get the pieces into the right place. It is the kind of thing that sounds easy but is way more challenging than you would think.

No matter if you are stressed at work or if the kids are driving you nuts at home, playing around with this for a few minutes can get you in a much better head space.

Good To Know

  • Recommended age: 3 and up under adult supervision
  • Non-toxic and doesn't have the nasty chemical smell
  • This just feels great in your hands to mess around with
  • Trying to get all of the beads into the corresponding colored rings is very addictive!
  • Kids can exercise their fine motor skills while grown-ups get a great brain workout and stress relief

Fidget IQ Puzzle Cube

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

Next up we have what we feel is one of the more challenging fidget puzzles on our list. It may look like the puzzle box from Hellraiser (two Hellraiser references in one article has to be a record!) and the idea is that you need to slide around the pieces of the cube so that all of the colors are on the same side.

Think of a more fun Rubik’s Cube and you will have a decent idea of what to expect here. What we love about this is how brilliantly simple this thing is. If you are looking for a fidget puzzle that is not just fun, but a real challenge, this could be the perfect one for you.

Ok, last time we mention Hellraiser, honestly! However, if you like the idea of the puzzle cube from those movies, we suggest you check out the fourth movie, the very underrated Hellraiser: Bloodline which details the origins of the famous puzzle box.

Good To Know

  • Recommended age: 8 and up
  • You can pick from seven different colors
  • This manages to be challenging and fun at the same time

Brainwright QBOID The 1-2-3 Pocket Fidget Puzzle

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

This Brainwright QBOID The 1-2-3 Pocket Fidget Puzzle is a lot of fun and something that many people speak highly of. This is another one that walks that fine line between being fun and challenging.

It looks like the key you use to lock and unlock your car. It is the twisting and sliding of this little device that makes it so addictive.

You could do just that and have fun and get in a more calm state of mind. However, you can also try and line all the colors up which is where the challenge comes from.

Good To Know

  • Recommended age: 8 and up
  • This is one of the smallest fidget puzzles you will ever see
  • This can be both calming and also challenging at the same time!

R.Y.TOYS Rotate and Slide Puzzle

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

You may think that we already looked at this R.Y.TOYS Rotate and Slide Puzzle earlier in our quest to find the best fidget puzzle. However, that was a different one!

The idea here is similar. You need to slide and rotate the pieces to get all of the colors lined up, it is very challenging and kind of like this Pokémon puzzle game that was released back in 2000!

The game we are talking about here is Pokémon Puzzle League for the Nintendo 64 and it is a fantastic puzzle game. It is actually something of a hidden gem and a game we would love to see re-released on the Nintendo Switch!

The way the colors slide and move is very addictive so it has the whole “fidget” thing down perfectly. However, trying to get all of these colors lined up is very tricky and something you will have a lot of fun with.

Good To Know

  • Recommended age: 6 and up
  • There are thousands of positive reviews for this thing!
  • If this looks too simple for you, you can get this same puzzle, but in a larger size

FAQs About Fidget Puzzles

Hey, stop fidgeting in your seat there! Yeah, we see you sitting on the sofa with the Darth Vader sticker on your laptop, knock it off!

If you have any questions that are making your quest to find the best fidget puzzle harder than it needs to be, we have you covered right here!

Seriously, Are These For Kids?

We are sure that some people are put off by the bright colors that can make some fidget puzzles look like colored balls designed for kids.

Truth be told there are some very simple ones out there for kids, but in our experience, many of the best fidget puzzles that you will see online are suitable for both adults and kids. So try to get out of the thinking that these are not cool for adults to be using because that could not be any further from the truth.

Well, the fidget puzzle from SMALL FISH could also be considered a sort of a fidget toy. As the recommended age is 3 years and up, small kids can play with them for sure too.

Brain Teaser Or Brain Soother?

One thing that you may have noticed is that fidget puzzles tend to either be a puzzle that is simple, but keeps your hands busy and mind active or they are very tricky and will require you to have Tony Stark or Shuri on speed dial to help you out. 

Think before you buy which one is going to benefit you the most. All of them are going to give you a great brain workout and stress relief.

Ok, Just A Little Bit More Fidgeting!

Before we set off into the sunset, we wanted to give you one last little bit of advice or rambling in regard to picking the best fidget puzzle for you. Go for the one that you think looks like it will be the most fun.

Having one of these in a drawer at work could be a lifesaver as it could be just what calms you down on a rough day and stops you from crane-kicking the dude in the office/cubicle next to you!

The crane kick is the legendary move that Daniel Larusso used to take down Johnny Lawrence in the Karate Kid, also there is an awesome Crane Kick song in the Teen Titans Go TV series that plays homage to this!

These types of puzzles are not just there to give you a good mental sweat, they are there to try and help you relax and get in a calmer frame of mind.

Hey, there are plenty that are there for those that do want a challenging puzzle to test their intellect with, but that is not all these types of puzzles are designed to offer. We feel that is something to keep in mind.

Just remember that the challenge you get here is much different from that of a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, not to mention insanely difficult puzzles!

Thanks for stopping by!

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