How To Use a Roll-Up Puzzle Mat - The Ultimate Guide

Doing puzzles on your dinner table? If you want to also have dinner there, have a look at how to use a puzzle mat!

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By Mia

If you're anything like us, you love a good puzzle. But what's the best way to solve one? On a roll-up puzzle mat, of course! In this guide, we'll show you how to use a roll-up puzzle mat to make solving puzzles even more fun.

Roll-up puzzle mats are great for a number of reasons. First, they're portable, so you can take them with you wherever you go and keep your work surface clean and organized. Second, they're easy to store - just roll them up and put them away when you're done. And third, they provide a smooth surface on which to work, making it easier to piece together your puzzle.

So whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, read on for our tips on how to use a roll-up puzzle mat.

1. Choose the right size for your puzzle

There are a variety of roll-up mats available, so make sure to select one that's the right size for your puzzle. There are different sizes available, make sure you get big enough. It's better to have one that is too big that could be used for larger puzzles than one too small.

There are puzzle mats at least for 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000 pieces. It's ok to have a bigger mat, so you can do for example a 1000-piece puzzle on a 2000-piece mat.

2. Place the mat on a flat surface

Once you've chosen the perfect mat, it's time to get started! Begin by placing your mat on a flat surface - this will make it easier to work on your puzzle and prevent the pieces from slipping around.

3. Start piecing together your puzzle

Now comes the fun part - it's time to start putting your puzzle together! If you're a beginner, we recommend starting with the edge pieces first. Once you've got the hang of it or finished the edges, you can move on to the inner pieces.

4. Keep your mat clean and flat

As you work on your puzzle, be sure to keep your mat clean and flat. This will help prevent creases or wrinkles from forming, which can make it difficult to continue working on your puzzle.

5. When you're done, simply roll up your mat and store it away

Once you've finished with your puzzle, all that's left to do is roll up your mat and put it away for next time. It might be a little bit tricky in the beginning when you don't have a lot of puzzle pieces in place, or maybe just the edges. When rolling the mat, the pieces tend to move towards the other edge, and you might need to drag the pieces close to that edge if they don't move along. Just make sure that the puzzle doesn't have any wrinkles inside the mat. You'll get the hang of it quickly, don't worry.

You can store or puzzle within the rolled mat as long as you want, and unroll when you want to continue. Some puzzle mats have a handy storage bag included.


So there you have it - our tips on how to use a roll-up puzzle mat. It's a must if you're a puzzle enthusiast and if you're working on large puzzles. Unless, of course you have a huge dedicated table for your hobby.

Thanks for reading - we hope you found this guide helpful!

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