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By Jason

Miles Morales is such an awesome character among Marvel Cinematic Universe characters, no matter if he is working or part of Peter Parker’s universe or if he is doing his own thing, he is a fantastic character.

Today we are having a look at what the best Miles Morales action figure is ranging from Marvel Legends to higher-end figures too.

We have looked at some great Marvel figures before like in the Black Panther action figure guide we did and we are excited to have a deep Spider-Man-like dive into the world of Spider-Man Miles Morales action figures with you guys today.

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Finding The Best Miles Morales Action Figures!

One of the things that we had a lot of fun with as we put together our list to find the best Miles Morales action figure was the variety of them.

There may not be as many Marvel Legends based on Miles Morales as there are Peter Parker for example, but many other companies have put their stamp on Miles Morales too so as well as some Marvel Legends we have some other figures from other companies too.

Marvel Legends Gamer Verse Miles Morales

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

We loved the Spider-Man: Miles Morales video game and it is so awesome that this Miles Morales figure is based on that. What is really neat about this is that the figure is a translucent blue as if he is using his invisibility ability from the game.

It is such a cool-looking movie-inspired characters figure, so cool that this would look just as good kept in packaging as it would lose on display. If you loved the video game, you will love having this in your collection.

Good To Know

  • Scale: 6 inch
  • Series: Marvel Legends Gamer Verse
  • Each figure in this collection contains an essential Build-A-Figure Part. If you manage to collect them all, you can assemble the pieces to construct a brand-new figure (subject to availability, sold separately).
  • There is no other Miles Morales action figure that looks like this! (enjoyed by adults and kids alike)

Funko Pop Spider-Man Miles Morales Classic Suit

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

We are huge Funko Pop fans here at Geek’s Oasis and there is a whole series of them based on his various suits from the video game. What we like about this one is that it is the classic Miles Morales suit that he has at the start of the game.

Not only does the suit look badass. He has a really dynamic pose and he is about to throw a Venom Punch which makes this look even more awesome on display.

A Venom Punch is one of the many awesome abilities that Miles can use which Peter Parker cannot!

Good To Know

  • Scale: 4 inch
  • Series: Funko Pop: Spider-Man Miles Morales (765)
  • This figure is on a stand so it looks like he is jumping which is really cool.

MAFEX Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Miles Morales

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

We are kicking things up a notch with our next Miles Morales action figure as we are dealing with MAFEX who make some awesome comic book action figures.

This one here is taken from Into the Spider-Verse and it features Miles in his classic suit, but he also has his hoodie, shorts, and what looks like a pair of Jordan’s too!

It is all cloth goods for the clothes which is really cool and it comes with a bunch of extra hands as well as four heads, two of which feature amazing sculpts that look just like he does in the movie.

Nike did actually release the same style of Jordan’s that we saw in the movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, they are called Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG and they are awesome! Someone in the Geek’s Oasis office bought a pair and tried to flip onto the dining room table while wearing them! Let’s just say they may make you look as stylish as Miles Morales, but they certainly do not let you jump like him!

Good To Know

  • Scale: 5 inches
  • Series: MAFEX Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse
  • As the hoodie, shorts, and shoes are removable, you can also display this in the classic Miles Morales suit.

Funko Pop: Pop Covers Miles Morales

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

We looked at some awesome Deadpool Funko Pop figures in our Deadpool action figure guide, but, this may be one of the coolest Funko Pops we have seen.

This is part of the awesome Pop Covers series that Funko is doing. It is based on the Ultimate Fallout arc and features Miles holding his mask.

What is really cool is that the figure is standing in front of the comic book cover and it is encased in a protective plastic shell which gives it a very premium look.

Good To Know

  • Scale: 5.15 inches
  • Series: Funko Pop Comic Covers (15)
  • This looks more like a piece of art than a standard Funko Pop!

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Miles Morales

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

One of the most awesome Marvel Legends waves was this one here that was all about Spider-Man. We love the whole style of this epic figure as it is perfect if you want one that is based on his comic book look instead of the video game or the animated movie.

This figure has a really cool suit and that red truly does pop on the black! You get a couple of extra sets of hands, and an unmasked head and you also get one of the arms for the awesome Venom build-a-figure.

Good To Know

  • Scale: 6 inch
  • Series: Marvel Legends: Spider-Man: Venom Wave
  • If you ask us, as of writing this is the best comic book-style Miles Morales action figure you can get!

Marvel Legends Miles Morales & Spider-Gwen

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Why We Geek’s Oasis Love It

Those Marvel Legends figures from the Into the Spider-Verse movie are truly something awesome and here at Geek’s Oasis we feel this set is the crown jewel.

This is a two-pack that gives you a premium detail, screen-accurate Miles Morales action figure with extra hands and an unmasked head.

You also get a very stylish-looking Spider-Gwen and she also comes with extra hands and an unmasked head. All the figures look great in packaging, but they also look very cool side by side on a shelf!

Good To Know

  • Scale: 6 inch
  • Series: Marvel Legends: Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse
  • The two unmasked head sculpts in this pack are very different from the other unmasked head sculpts that the single-release figures have.

Across The Spider-Verse Miles Morales

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

There is a collection of Miles Morales action figures based on the new, Across The Spider-Verse movie that we think are a lot of fun for Marvel fans. This one here is the main Miles Morales action figure from the line and we think for a more budget-friendly action figure, it is actually very well done.

He has that animated style the movie is known for and we just think it is very cool that this even exists and if you want a figure that is directly tied to that movie, this is a fun way to get one.

Good To Know

  • Scale: 4 inches
  • Series: Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse
  • The original action figures for the Into the Spider-Verse movie are somewhat harder to find at a reasonable price these days so do not sleep on this one if you like the look of it!

Diamond Select Toys Miles Morels

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

We looked at a really cool Diamond Select Green Goblin figure in our Green Goblin guide so we are very happy to feature one here too. What we love about this is that it is based on his look from the Miles Morales video game.

Ok, so you could say it is more of a statue than an action figure, but it is such a great representation of the character, we really wanted to have it on this list! It has this kind of sheen to it that makes the red on his suit really pop and look super cool in the process!

Good To Know

  • Scale: 9 inches
  • Series: Diamond Select Marvel
  • The base this stands on is cool as it has the “Venom” effects and it has the Miles Morales logo on it as well.

Funko Pop Miles Morales Cat Suit

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

Yes, we know that earlier on our Miles Morales action figure list we had a Funko Pop from this series, but this one was just too cool to leave off. Once again, this is based on one of the suits from the Miles Morales PlayStation game.

However, at first glance, it looks like a classic Miles Morales doing an action pose as he web-slings through New York City. Turn him around and you will see that in his backpack is the adorable Spider-Man cat… who is wearing a little Spider-Man mask!

Good To Know

  • Scale: 4 inch
  • Series: Funko Pop: Spider-Man Miles Morales (767)
  • It has Spider-Man the cat! How does that not automatically make this awesome?

FAQs About Miles Morales Action Figures

We want to help you get the best Miles Morales action figure for your collection so we have this friendly neighborhood FAQ to help you out.

More Marvel Legends to come?

While we do not have a crystal ball, we are pretty sure that there will be more Marvel Legends series figures coming in the future, perhaps they release another Spider-Man action figure.

There is a new Miles Morales-led Across the Spider-Verse movie due out in 2023 and the character has become more and more popular thanks to this along with his appearance in video games and TV shows.

Should I open my Miles Morales action figure?

Hey, we cannot answer this one for you. However, we will say that Hasbro has taken this out of your hands with their newer figures as they are in “amazing” plastic-free packaging.

However, we feel that Miles Morales is such a “dynamic” character that some of his figures are best out of the packaging as you can get really creative with how you display him.

However, we do also think some of these can look cool when kept on the card too. Ultimately, go for which looks best in your collection.

So who is Miles Morales?

Miles Morales is a young man who possesses some awesome Spider-Man-like powers. He strives to use his newfound abilities for good, although he is challenged by friends and foes alike as he grows more familiar with his powers.

As Miles learns more about himself and his abilities, he also has to make difficult decisions on how to best use them in order to protect the people around him. Turns out that his abilities change the balance of power in a fierce power struggle threatens his home city...

Before You Web-Sling Off, Check This Out!

Thank you very much for trying to find the best Miles Morales action figure with us today. As you can see there are some really cool action figures at all ends of the pricing spectrum for you to consider.

We think that there is just something so very cool about Miles Morales as a character, especially in that black and red suit of his, it truly is something that catches your attention.

It is just so awesome how he has become such a huge character and hopefully, we will not have to wait too long for Miles Morales to be introduced into the MCU.

They actually teased this along with Prowler back in Spider-Man: Homecoming! Yet, Marvel has not followed through on this as of today, and hopefully, they will at some point in the future as it would be awesome to see a live-action Miles Morales… now who could play him?

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