Display A Puzzle Like A Work Of Art Using Puzzle Frames

These frames are designed to make displaying your jigsaw puzzle as easy as possible.

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By Jason

The reason that we are looking at puzzle frames today is that there are some awesome jigsaw puzzles out there that look so cool, they deserve to be framed and hung on your wall. From epic Star Wars jigsaw puzzles that you put together by using The Force, to Marvel puzzles where you had to build an Iron Man suit to help you complete it!

Here at Geek’s Oasis, we have looked at some truly awesome jigsaw puzzles and we feel that many of them deserve to be framed. Just think, when you have people around and they go “hey, that is an awesome picture” you can hit them back with “that is no picture, it is a testament to my amazing intelligence and puzzle-solving skills, plus it looks really cool too!”

Framing a puzzle is not just a case of building the puzzle and whacking it into a frame! There is a bit more to it than that and that along with the best puzzle frames is going to be what we are looking at today.

We've been working hard to find the coolest products for you that will make your life easier and more fun. Each product has been independently selected by our editors. Geek's Oasis may collect a share of sales from the links on this page if you decide to buy something - that's how we stay in business. Clicking the links will not add any cost to you. Hope you enjoy this post!

Finding The Right Puzzle Frame For You

We decided to roll up our sleeves and have a really good look at what's up at some online stores to bring to you a selection of the best hanging frames for puzzles.

These are puzzles that we feel are good value for money as well as having a stylish look to them as well. We also made it a point to include puzzle frames of different sizes too.

22 x 28" Flat Black Profile Puzzle Frame

Picture Frame Factory Outlet

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

If you want your puzzle to be framed in a more classic kind of way this frame from Picture Frame Factory Outlet could be just what you are looking for. What we like about this is that it has a kind of movie theatre foyer vibe about it.

This would make it perfect if you have something like a Spider-Man puzzle that is based on one of the iconic movie posters.

This also comes with a hanging kit and the plexiglass has a protective film over it to ensure it stays scratch free until you are ready to hang the puzzle.

Good To Know

  • Size: 22 x 28 inches
  • Frame width: 1.25 inches
  • This comes with what you need to hang the frame
  • If you want your puzzle to have a cool and stylish look, this frame would be perfect

Funwares 20 x 27" Puzzle Frame

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

One of the more interesting puzzle frames we have on this list is this Funwares 20 x 27" Puzzle Frame.

While it may at first glance look like your average puzzle frame, what is cool about this is that the frame actually snaps together. It is four separate pieces and that means you can put it around your puzzle once it is completed.

This might be preferable if you are worried about getting your puzzle into the frame and think you may get frustrated and Hulk Smash the whole thing!

Good To Know

  • Size: 20 x 27 inches
  • The way that this frame snaps together could make it easier for you to frame your puzzle
  • This has hooks on the back for easy hanging

21 x 15" Flat Black Profile Puzzle Frame

Picture Frame Factory Outlet

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

You may have a real sense of Deja Vue like Denzell Washington looking at this puzzle frame from Picture Frame Factory Outlet we have for you here.

It is a stylish and contemporary frame just like the first of the puzzle frames we looked at today.

However, this one is a bit smaller as it comes in at 21 x 15 inches meaning that it may be better if the puzzle that you want to be framed is a bit on the smaller side. You can give a puzzle a really classy look by putting it in a frame like this!

Denzell Washington was the star in a cool sci-fi movie called Deja Vue.

Good To Know

  • Size: 21.25 x 15 inches
  • If you want classy and cool, this is the frame for you
  • This is a bit more compact so could be the better frame if you have a smaller jigsaw puzzle

MCS Frame for Puzzles

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

The main reason that we feel this MCS Frame for Puzzles is one of the best puzzle frames is the choice that it gives you.

This one has multiple colors for you to choose from, walnut, natural and white can be chosen if you want something other than black, and there are many sizes too!

Your puzzle can also have a cool border around it which is great if you have a puzzle that you feel is a real work of art, like a puzzle showing the attack on the Death Star!

Good To Know

  • Many sizes, the biggest one is 20 x 24 inches
  • You can pick from four different colors of frame
  • The border this has is great if you want your puzzle to look like a real piece of art

Ensky Dedicated White Puzzle Frame

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

You may think that we have selected this Ensky Dedicated White Puzzle Frame because of the fact it is a very cool and sleek looking white.

However, what caught our eye about this is that the people who make this frame also make some cool One Piece jigsaw puzzles! Anyone who deals in One Piece merch is cool by us.

Anyway, this very stylish and classy-looking frame is sure to bring any puzzle to life no matter if it is Lord of the Rings, Batman, Star Wars, or anything else you are a huge fan of!

One Piece is a tremendous Shonen Jump series and one of the biggest anime/manga series of all time, we love it!

Good To Know

  • Size: 7.10 x 10.12 inches
  • The white of this really pops and gives the frame some class!
  • Puzzles that are of a more “modest” size would look awesome in this

Epoch BTS Jigsaw Puzzle Frame

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

BTS? Like the boyband BTS? Yes, but hear us out!

We did not include this Epoch BTS Jigsaw Puzzle Frame on our list of puzzle frames because we are secret BTS fans (although nothing against these guys, they put on a heck of a show!) we selected it because it is one of the cooler and more modern looking frames for a puzzle you can get.

Ignore the BTS tie in here, what you actually have is a very cool and stylish silver/chrome looking puzzle frame that really does pop.

While they sell this to go along with their series of BTS puzzles, the truth is any 7 x 10 smaller scale puzzle would fit in here and look great.

Good To Know

  • Size: 8.05 x 10.75 inches
  • If you have a smaller jigsaw puzzle you want to frame, this is perfect
  • The silver/chrome look of this is very cool

FAQ About Jigsaw Puzzle Frames

If you are puzzled about the world of puzzle frames do not worry as we have a handy little FAQ to help make sure you are ready to frame that epic puzzle you have spent ages putting together!

Won't My Puzzle Fall Apart When I Try To Frame It?

If you use your telekinesis powers to lift it up and then place it into the frame we are pretty sure it will be fine…. What? You do not have telekinesis powers?

Do not worry there special puzzle glues designed to be spread over your puzzle once it is complete and it will lock it all into place.

Once glued, you can pick up your puzzle and put it into your chosen frame. Be sure to check out our gluing guide though to get the best result, and we have a guide with complete instructions on how to frame a puzzle!

What About Sticking It To A Piece Of Board?

One way that people like to “preserve” a jigsaw puzzle is by sticking it to a piece of board! Well, while that is possible, it would be a royal pain in the butt to do this and the risk of wrecking the puzzle is quite high!

However, you can get something like Puzzle Presto! Peel & Stick Puzzle Saver. The idea here is that you put your completed puzzle onto this and it sticks it all together, which you could then put into one of the puzzle frames we have looked at today.

Can Regular Picture Frames Be Used For Jigsaw Puzzles?

Sure, as long as you make sure that the frame is able to accommodate the puzzle since jigsaw puzzles are thicker than pictures that you would normally put into a frame. That might be sometimes hard to know, so it's safer to go with the dedicated puzzle frames.

On the other hand, the selection of frame materials is a bit limited on the dedicated puzzle frames. So you could use a real wood picture frame or some sturdy metal frames for your puzzles although they would not be intended to be used specifically for puzzles. But if the puzzle can fit between the base and the glass/plastic cover, just do it!

The Final Word On Framing Your Puzzle

Look, we will not lie to you, framing your puzzle can be a rather annoying and frustrating experience, but if you know what you are doing, it can be so much easier.

We highly recommend you use some kind of puzzle glue to make sure it is all stuck together before you try and frame it.

Trying to frame a puzzle without sticking it together first is a recipe for disaster, seriously, you might as well be Edward Scissorhands if you are trying to carefully move a completed puzzle to a frame without it being stuck together first.

Hey, we are sure it could be done, but when there is stuff like puzzle glue to make your life easier, we cannot recommend highly enough that you get some of that.

Also, make sure that when you are looking at puzzle frames, you get one that is the right size for your jigsaw puzzle.

It should go without saying, but Edward Scissorhands is a 90s classic from Tim Burton that stars Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder.

If you're new to puzzle glues, and framing, these posts might give you a little jump-start on those topics!

Happy Puzzling!

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