Get Next Level Jigsaw Puzzling With These Puzzle Tables!

Find the perfect puzzle table with drawers right here - some of them can be spinned or tilted, and even carried around with the puzzle inside!

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By Jason

We love a good jigsaw puzzle here at Geek’s Oasis. Especially puzzles that are based on cool stuff like Star Wars and Marvel.

The thing is, if you are putting together a larger jigsaw puzzle, you need the right “workspace” to get it done. Sure, using the kitchen table or some other flat surface like the living room floor is doable.

However, what are you going to do if you do not get it completed in one sitting? It can be a nightmare and a pain in the butt to deal with! That is why today we are helping you find the perfect jigsaw puzzle table with drawers for you.

These puzzle boards we are looking at today will make putting together a jigsaw puzzle much more comfortable, convenient, and fun!

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Finding The Right Puzzle Tables

We were kind of shocked when we started our journey to find the best puzzle table with drawers! The selection is pretty intense and we noticed that many of these look very similar.

However, lately, we have done a lot of these mystery jigsaw puzzles and feel that we have the detective skills to pull this off. We did our research and pretty much everyone in the Geek’s Oasis office is convinced these are the best of the best.

There is a whole range of mystery jigsaw puzzles these days that as well as putting together a jigsaw puzzle have you trying to solve a mystery as well!

ALL4JIG Rotating Puzzle Board with Drawers and Cover For 1500 Pieces

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

The ALL4JIG Rotating Puzzle Board is kicking off our search for the best puzzle table with drawers in some serious style. This is a very good size and perfect for jigsaws as large as 1,500 pieces (or perhaps even more) and that is pretty epic.

It sits on a lazy Susan spinner so you can move it around which is cool! Plus, it has four good-sized drawers.

It even has a cover so that when you need a break, you can cover the jigsaw to keep it safe. This is particularly great if you have a little Dennis the Menace running around.

The Dennis the Menace that we envision causing chaos is the one from the classic 80s animated series!

Good To Know

  • Size: Suitable for puzzles under 25.1 x 34.2 inches
  • Contains four drawers for convenient storage
  • Comes with a really handy cover
  • You can spin the board which is pretty handy!

YISHAN Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Board Table with Drawers and Cover for 1000 Pieces

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

There is just something very tranquil about this YISHAN Puzzle Board. We could just imagine someone like Mr. Miyagi using something like this to complete a jigsaw puzzle of a banzai tree!

In the Karate Kid, Mr. Miyagi loved to keep calm, relax and enjoy himself by tending to his banzai trees.

This is a very good-sized puzzle table with drawers. It has four drawers for you to make use of, but the special feature of this one is that it can be raised as it has a 20-degree adjustable tilt which can make completing a jigsaw puzzle a more comfortable experience for you.

Tilting the puzzle table 20 degrees

Good To Know

  • Size: Suitable for puzzles under 29 x 21 inches
  • This has an adjustable tilt which is pretty awesome
  • Those four storage drawers will come in really handy
  • A smooth surface made of velvet to keep puzzle pieces from sliding

Gamenote Puzzle Board with Cover Mat For 1000 Pieces

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

Completing your next jigsaw puzzle will be a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience if you use this Gamenote Puzzle Board with Cover Mat.

This is packed with features to make “jigsawing” (is that even a word, actually we have just decided it is!) easier. To start with you have four large-sized drawers to keep pieces close at hand.

It also has some anti-slip pads so you do not have to worry about this shooting off the table at warp speed! In addition, it comes with a cover that can help keep the puzzle safe from the kids and any cats that like to cause trouble!

Good To Know

  • Size: Suitable for puzzles under 30 x 22 inches
  • Another variation for bigger 1500-piece puzzles
  • The four drawers offer a generous amount of storage space
  • The kids will not want to use this to surf across the kitchen floor, thanks to the anti-slip pads!

ALL4JIG Adjustable Puzzle Board with 4 Drawers & Cover For 1500 Pieces

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

With a bit more of an old-school look to it, we felt that this ALL4JIG Adjustable Puzzle Board with 4 Drawers & Cover was one of the more “sophisticated” looking of all the puzzle tables with drawers we have looked at today.

The felt and the wood give it a very classic look, like something the old dude from the store in the NeverEnding Story Would use.

In the epic movie, The NeverEnding Story, Bastian gets the titular book from this old-timey store where you could just imagine the shopkeeper doing puzzles on a puzzle board like this in the back room!

This board comes with four large drawers and it can also be titled if you do not want to be looking down and over your jigsaw puzzle. Another neat feature is the carrying handle which makes moving this thin around much easier.

Good To Know

  • Size: Suitable for puzzles 34 x 25 inches and under
  • Another smaller variation for a 1000-piece puzzle
  • The felt covering will prevent the jigsaw from sliding as you work on it
  • You can tilt this to three different angles to make it more comfortable for long “jigsawing” sessions

Jumbl Jigsaw Puzzle Board Rack With Legs

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

One of the most impressive of all the puzzle tables with drawers that we have on this list is this Jumbl Jigsaw Puzzle Board Rack.

Four seems to be the standard when it comes to drawers, but this one has six! It has two extra drawers, one on the top and the bottom as well as four on the sides.

What really makes this one stand out is that it has foldable legs! You could use this flat, but thanks to the legs you can have it sitting over your lap so you could complete your jigsaw on the sofa or even on your bed!

Good To Know

  • Size: Suitable for puzzles 35 x 27 inches and under
  • It has six storage drawers!
  • The foldable legs could be a game-changer for how you work on your jigsaw puzzles!

Fanwer Puzzle Table With Legs For 1000 Pieces

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Why We At Geek’s Oasis Love It

If you are looking for a puzzle table with drawers that has it all, this Fanwer Puzzle Table could be just what you have been looking for.

Now it does only have two drawers, but these are much larger drawers so we here at Geek’s Oasis are ok with that! However, it also has legs so that you can have it over your lap, but as well as this it has a tilt too!

It even comes with a cover to keep your jigsaw puzzle protected when you are not there and unlike the other drawers, you can carry this board around with the pieces inside the board! So it has all the features you need from a puzzle table and it has a kind of retro look about it too.

Good To Know

  • Size: Suitable for puzzles 30 x 25 inches and under
  • The tilt and legs will allow you to be much more comfortable
  • It comes with a cover to keep your jigsaw puzzle safe
  • You can carry this with the puzzle inside the board

FAQs About Puzzle Tables With Drawers

We have a feeling that you may have a question or two regarding if you really need a puzzle table with drawers! Well, check out these couple of commonly asked questions to get a better idea.

What Can I Put In The Drawers?

Candy, little army men, LEGO… oh, you mean in regards to helping you with your jigsaw puzzle! Well, you can put pieces in the drawer so that if you need to take a break you do not have to leave them laying around. 

You could also use the drawers to help put the puzzle together easier. For example, if you are making a Superman puzzle and you keep coming across red and blue pieces that are clearly him, each time you come across one you can put it in a certain drawer.

Is Bigger Better?

Hey get your mind out of the gutter people, we are a classy website! Anyway, it all depends on the size of the puzzle that you like to do. 

In theory, a larger one will be better as it will have you covered no matter what. However, if you are someone that tends to do smaller jigsaw puzzles you may not need a larger one. 

Plus, you do also have to factor in where you are going to store it when you are not using it.

Opening Up A Drawer That Contains Some Good Advice

We wanted to bring out quest to find the most awesome puzzle table with drawers to a close by giving you some final words of wisdom… or just by sticking our nose in a little bit more, you decide.

Anyway, we really do think that if you are a huge jigsaw puzzle enthusiast that likes to complete multiple jigsaw puzzles per year, something like this would make your puzzle making so much more enjoyable and convenient.

No more reserving the dinner or coffee table for puzzling for days or even weeks! Once you have used a puzzle table, there is no way you would ever want to go back to using the dinner table and having all the pieces just floating around in the box all the time!

Thanks for reading!

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