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Take these Tekken action figures home to fight with!

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By Jason

We are very excited to look at the best Tekken action figures with you fellow video game fanatics today. Since Tekken was first released in the mid-90s by Namco, it became one of the premier fighting game franchises.

When it was released exclusively on the original PlayStation it was a landmark title that helped people realize that the PlayStation was the console to have.

There has been some great Tekken merch over the years and as we have some big gamers in the Geek’s Oasis office, we thought we would share with you some of the Tekken action figures that we feel are really cool.

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Did We Win A Fighting Tournament To Make This List?

While in the Geek’s Oasis office, we do have some huge martial arts fans that have seen Bloodsport and Kickboxer with Mr. Van Damme multiple times, we are lovers here, not fighters so thankfully we did not have to put a beat down… Or get beaten down to bring you this list of Tekken action figures today.

Instead, we looked at our own collections and the ones that we would like to add to our collections and based our list on that!

Storm Collectibles Tekken 7: King

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Why We At Geeks Oasis Love It

When it comes to higher-end action figures, Storm Collectibles are one of the best companies around we felt that their King figure was the best place to start our search for Tekken action figures!

This is a nice big and thick action figure and probably the best King in plastic form you can buy! That insanely detailed leopard print cape really results in this eye-catching figure.

We looked at the best Brock Lesnar action figures and we feel that King could give him a real run for his money in the wrestling ring! This truly is an awesome figure!

Good To Know

  • Scale: 8 inches
  • Series: Storm Collectibles Tekken 7
  • Storm Collectibles also make awesome Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat action figures and this would fit right in with those!

TOTAKU Tekken 7: Heihachi

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Why We At Geeks Oasis Love It

You cannot have a list of Tekken action figures without Heihachi on it, arguably the worst dad in all of gaming! This is part of the TOTAKU line of figures that features some of gaming’s biggest legends such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Lara Croft.

We love the detailing on this figure, for a smaller scale figure the sculpt and the paint is truly very well done and we love how Heihachi is standing in a more dynamic pose, it is actually based on a move he does in the game which is neat.

The reason we say this is that in the Tekken lore, Heihachi threw his son Kazuya off a cliff to see if he had the demon gene in him! Oh, he also killed Kazuya’s mother too! Two reasons why he has never gotten a fathers day card from Kazuya we are sure!

Good To Know

  • Scale: 3 ¾ inches
  • Series: TOTAKU
  • As well as Heihachi, there is also a Jin Kazuma TOTAKU figure that would look great next to this.
  • For those of you that want an addition to your Tekken collection with more affordable prices, this could be just what you are looking for.

Storm Collectibles Tekken 7: Devil Jin

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Why We At Geeks Oasis Love It

We have another epic entry from Storm Collectibles on our Tekken action figures list, this time Devil Jin. Jin would go on to be the face of the Tekken franchise starting with Tekken 3 in 1997!

This is such a cool figure and while we are big fans of regular old Jin, this is based on his devil look and it is such a badass figure! He comes with extra heads, and extra hands, and those amazing wings are actually possible!

No matter how many figures you have in your action figure collection, Devil Jin is going to stand out and be a real showcase figure!

Good To Know

  • Scale: 8 inches
  • Series: Storm Collectibles Tekken 7
  • You do get a regular Jin figure from Storm Collectibles as well so you could go for the pair and have a truly awesome display!

Storm Collectibles Tekken 7: Paul Phoenix

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Why We At Geeks Oasis Love It

As you know from our Red Hood action figure guide, we like people that wear red and love to hit first and that is why we had to have Paul Phoenix on our Tekken action figures list.

Paul is one of the most popular characters in the Tekken franchise and Storm Collectibles has well and truly done him justice here.

You get the usual extra head sculps with this figure, but you also get this really awesome burning fist effect which along with the incredible articulation of this figure can let you get really creative with the way that you display it.

Good To Know

  • Scale: 8 inches
  • Series: Storm Collectibles Tekken 7
  • If you are a Tekken fan then chances are you love Paul Phoenix and no Tekken figure collection is complete without Paul!

TUBBZ Tekken Heihachi

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Why We At Geeks Oasis Love It

We would love to know the person that was sitting in an office and one day said “I know what the world needs, cosplaying ducks”! The TUBBZ range is just so much fun and features a ton of gaming icons and as this is a Tekken action figures list we have a TUBBZ version of Heihachi.

This is just so much fun and is the kind of thing that is a lovely bit of garnish to an action figure collection. Even in a duck form, Heihachi has a menacing look to him, a look that certainly lets you know not to hire him as a babysitter!

What we mean by “garnish” is that while this may not be the focal point of a Tekken action figure collection, it is little pieces like this that can fill out a collection and give it a lot more personality.

Good To Know

  • Scale: 3 ¾ inches tall
  • Series: TUBBZ Tekken
  • Heihachi is not the only Tekken character to be made in cosplaying duck form! Kazuya also has a TUBBZ figure.

Funko Pop Tekken: Devil Jin

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Why We At Geeks Oasis Love It

We know that your eyes may be bulging out of your head like you just took a power punch from Paul Phoenix to the gut over the price of this, but hear us out. We have talked about higher-end Funko Pops before, such as in our Miles Morales action figure guide and that is what we have here.

This Devil Jin Funko Pop is arguably the most impressive of all the Funko Pops in the Tekken series. He is probably as big as a Pop can be without it having to be classed as a Deluxe or a Jumbo Pop figure.

The wings look awesome as do all of his tattoos. This is just an epic Pop figure and one that would truly shine in your Tekken collection.

Good To Know

  • Scale: 5 inches
  • Series: Funko Pop Tekken
  • Another reason this is a great Tekken collectible is that this Pop was actually exclusive to Game Stop, meaning it is probably only going to get harder to track down as time goes by!

FAQs About Tekken Action Figures

We may not be able to teach you to punch like Paul Phoenix or be a bear like Kuma. However, we do have some little bits of advice to help you figure out what the right Tekken action figures are for you.

Why no “standard” action figures?

While we love the Tekken series, we must admit, it is rather frustrating that there is not a standard affordable line (outside of Funko Pops). We have looked at Mortal Kombat action figures before and they have a regular affordable line of action figures as well as higher-end collectibles.

Unfortunately, Tekken has not gone that route (as of writing) so you do have to get a bit more creative with adding Tekken action figures to your collection.

Will there be action figures for Tekken 8?

We feel that when Tekken 8 is released in 2024, we will see something of a boom when it comes to Tekken action figures. We are certain that there will be at the very least new Funko Pops based on that game.

However, we do feel that if a company other than Storm Collectibles is going to be making Tekken action figures, it will be around the release of Tekken 8 that we would expect to see them.

One Last Parting Punch Before You Go!

We are just joking, we would never punch a fellow geek… well unless they said that Battle Arena Toshinden was a better fighting game than Tekken, but you must admit, that would be understandable and there is not a court in the world that would convict us…

Back when the original Play Station was released as well as Tekken, Battle Arena Toshinden was another 3D fighting game that was released. It was all style over substance and Tekken was clearly the best fighting game for the PlayStation in that first year!

Anyway, we wanted to say thank you very much for trying to find the best Tekken action figures with us today.

We know that some of these are expensive and they are not as common as other fighting game franchises like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, however, we are sure with the help of our list, you can build an epic Tekken action figure collection.

Thanks for reading, now go and play some Tekken to get hyped for Tekken 8 in 2024!

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